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Ebisu was founded in 2013, the business scope is including import & export, e-commerce, e-payment, logisitcs & warehouse management, education and clearance.

In US, Ebisu has both online store and 13 offline stores, 3 more opening soon, and plan to build the no. 1 Asia chain supermarket in north America within 3 years.

When serving our customers, we found that US last mile delivery is always a pain point due to the high cost, slow speed and non-flexible time slot, so we setup GOFO Express in 2022 to provide economic, fast, flexible delivery service to all local customers.

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Safe & Faster

Focusing on efficient, fast, safe and reliable services, we provide customers with better services.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of express information, providing complete and accurate trajectory information.


A new logistics model that is efficient, convenient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly has been formed through advanced technologies such as intelligence


The platform digitizes to achieve real-time tracking of logistics information. By optimizing route planning and management, reduce transportation time and costs.

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Our AI services, digital enablers and platform partners seamlessly connect your e-commerce applications to our rapidly expanding delivery network across the United States.

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Our tech-powered services and platform partners seamlessly connect your e-commerce applications to our fast-expanding delivery network across the USA.

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